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Release date: 2014/02/23
Falcon C++

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Falcon C++


  • Fix: Infinite wait for adjust environment variable to path
  • Fix: move project up/down changes project state
  • Fix: doesn't renaming file when change only case sensitive
  • Fix: Move breakpoint when delete or insert lines
  • Fix: after change project property doesn't enable immediately save button
  • Fix: keep as bold source item on treeview when drag drop over other folder or project
  • Fix: accept rename file with illegal chars
  • Fix: CodeCompletion scrollbar move selection over list limit
  • Fix: Slow function get selection length
  • Fix: Modern page control don't updating active page when close tab sheet before active page
  • Fix: Parse recognizing extern function as variable
  • Fix: Editor options force save syntax when click on Apply button
  • Fix: Scrollbar position when undo large lines
  • Fix: makefile rules with problem when found ':' on source filename
  • Fix: crashes when documentation comment is too large
  • Fix: can't open C++ files when click on included file
  • Fix: don't updating status bar for current file when save with a new name
  • Fix: incorrect search engine for replace all action
  • Added: code folding
  • Added: toggle line comment Ctrl + /
  • Added: Move selection up and Move selection down
  • Added: Italian language
  • Added: include files from include path of project flags to code completion
  • Added: Fold(Ctrl + ]), Unfold(Ctrl + [) shortcut
  • Added: Include to syntax Highlight
  • Added: Memory Manager FastMM4
  • Changed: Override common code when auto complete
  • Changed: Add double quotes on -I, -L include path only when has space chars
  • Changed: Now makefile uses Unix slashes
  • Changed: Add full bin directory to path, MINGW_PATH is no longer used
  • Parse STL C++ files
  • Reload include list when select different files base path
  • Started implementation of IDE Plugin extension
  • Include C++ operators to parser
  • Prevent screen saver and monitor trying to enter power save
  • Auto show code completion after type four characters
  • Force clean on build
  • balancing bracket on auto close bracket
  • Future support for reverse debugging
  • Package GDB and Win32API updated
  • Added tab menu item 'Copy full filename', 'Copy filename', 'Copy directory path' and 'Read only'
  • -I or -L flag browse dialog select directory
  • Import Code::Blocks project with relative path files
  • Code completion enhancement